Team Charities

The following is a list of charities that are near and dear to our agents.  If you are looking for good causes to support, please consider one of these.  

John Moses from our team is a "Wish Grantor" for Make a Wish and any donations can be made with this link and will be appreciated. Click the Logo below to donate.

 Make-A-Wish Donation Logo Link

Dan Haeck donates to Tunnel 2 Towers.  His father was a Korean War Veteran in the U.S. Army and his brother, a Viet Nam War Veteran, voluntarily signed up for service in the U.S. Marine Corps.  The military draft ended just prior to Dan being of age to register.  Dan never served in the military and has always felt a sense of guilt for not serving.  He has a great respect for past and active military personnel as well as those serving our country through police, fire, and emergency medical services.  Tunnel 2 Towers assists as many of these people as they can.  They are known to use every penny possible in direct assistance to those who served and in need.  Click the Logo below to donate.

Tunnel 2 Towers Donation Logo Link 

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