So you are thinking about building a new home and the reality is setting in that it may be more to consider than you originally thought.  If you are looking for new home communities or builders in Pittsburgh, let the Pittsburgh New Home Construction Team help you through the process of New Home Construction in Pittsburgh. Contact us by phone, text or email with questions or to talk about your options. It will save you from the frustration and aggravation of sifting through all of the information on your own and may save you time and money.

When you decide to build a new home, it helps to understand that there are a few very different paths that you can take to reach that goal.  First you need to decide if you will be building on a stand alone lot, or in a community.  Building on a stand alone lot will involve purchasing the lot, usually with cash as it can be difficult to get a loan for vacant land.  Then, after you own the lot, you can use the lot as a down payment on the construction loan for the new build.  There are many difficulties and hidden expenses when taking this path but none that can't be overcome. Some of the considerations with building on your own lot include the terrain, subsurface conditions, tree removal, grading, access to utilities, utility tap ins, permits, zoning, and finding a builder that builds on stand alone lots.  These issues may be worth your effort and expense if you are looking for a new home to be built in a secluded, private area with lots of trees or with acreage.  Here are some of the home builders we work with that will build on a stand alone lot: Wayne Homes, Schumacher Homes, KHovnanian Homes, S&A HomesCosta Hombuilders.

Another path and a much easier path is to research and choose a new home community that is right for you.  New Home Communities typically have homes built by just one particular new home builder but sometimes you will find communities that have two builders that will build in the same new home community. Each builder and community will offer different home styles, price ranges, building quality, size of lots, and new home options that are available for you to choose from.  Each builder will tell you the benefits of their homes and communities when you call or visit.  This website is designed to help you sift through the many different builders and communities prior to visiting the few that actually meet your criteria.  You will see that you can find what school districts each community is served by, the location of each community, the type of homes built in the community, and the starting price that you can build a home for in the community.  When building in a new home community, the builder and developer work together to handle all of the lot site work, zoning, permits, utilities, etc. making this a much easier path to your new home.   

We have formed relationships with the builders, developers, and new home community managers and can share our knowledge and experiences with you.  You will know what to expect from each builder and community by the time you make your decision on which ones to visit.  We can set appointments, research communities, and act as your buyer agent to work through any questions or issues that may arise during the process.  Most new home builders pay Realtors a commission directly without any affect on the price of your home making the decision to use a buyer agent to represent you a simple choice.  Here are some of the home builders that we work with and build in new home communities: Ryan Homes, Heartland Homes, Maronda Homes, Dan Ryan Homes, S&A Homes, Costa Homebuilders, and there are dozens more spec and custom home builders.  Many times, we can find you a new construction home that is already built or underway with short delivery time.  You can also Search the MLS On Your Own for newer homes from this website.

Contact us to learn more about how we can make the process of building your new home the fun experience it should be. 412.496.6602 or