Why Use a Realtor for New Construction Homes

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You do not have to use a Realtor when purchasing a new construction home, but it is highly recommended and provides many cost-free benefits to you.
First know that when you walk into, call, or look online for a new construction home without telling them you have Realtor Representation, you will be logged in as a buyer without Realtor Representation. This simple action will prevent a Realtor from being paid a commission from the Builder, even if you ask for representation later. Also know that each website you visit, pop up chat service you engage, each new model home you go into, and each call you make to a new home builder, will result in a barrage of follow up calls from the builders competing to get your business. But most importantly, know that the people that sit in the model homes you are visiting represent the best interests of the builders, not you. That is not to say they aren’t a wealth of knowledge about the home, community, and builder they represent, but they are there to sell that home, that community, and that builder only.

The best thing you can do to utilize the knowledge of that salesperson and gain the benefits of having full Buyer Representation for new construction, is to use a Realtor for new home construction. Contact an experienced Realtor that specializes in new home construction early in the process. Your Realtor can discuss your criteria, then make the appointments to see several model homes, communities, and builders that meet your criteria and make sense for your budget. Your Realtor will field the calls from the salespeople for you, and then register you as a potential client, only for the ones that meet your criteria.

Many people have an existing home that they need to sell in order to purchase the new construction home. The builder representative will not be able to help you with that, a Realtor will. Your Realtor will coordinate both transactions and work to make the timing of the sale work out in your best interest. I can’t speak for other Realtors, but The Dan Haeck Team can also save you thousands of dollars when you use us for the new construction home and the sale of your existing home.