Home Bars Get a Bad Rap

Dated: May 11 2023

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When people hear “Home Bar”, all sorts of thoughts come to mind.  I think home bars get a bad rap because people have pre-determined thoughts of what a home bar is or “has to be” in their minds.  A home bar can be anything from a homemade or store-bought two-seater that offers a place to store all the old, gifted alcohol you’ve been collecting, to a full-blown unlicensed neighborhood establishment.  But a home bar can and should be so much more than the place the guys go to get away from whatever event is happening that brought people to your home.  When buying your next home, consider one with room for a home bar.

A home bar should be where the alcohol is kept, yes.  But it’s not all about the alcohol.  A well-thought-out home bar should have a fridge stocked with water, soda, and yes, even juice boxes for the kids.  It should be a gathering place where everyone can watch TV, listen to music, and make memories.  It should be a place where you can have plenty of room for food and snacks, interesting pictures, or memorabilia on the walls, you know conversation starters.

If your budget allows, add some games like dart boards, video games, poker tables, foosball, or whatever you can do.  There is no better way to liven up family gatherings, holiday events, and your favorite sports watch parties than to have a well-designed home bar to have it in.

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Everyone has different budgets and room size constraints that must be considered.  But the point is, home bars should be thought of as an entertainment hub for everyone, and not just a place the guys go to get drunk. 

Here are some tips when considering the design of your home bar:

*Consider using LVT or other flooring that can handle spills and be easily cleaned.
*Budget allowing, incorporate a sink for washing dishes and glasses without hauling them to the kitchen.
*If you have young children, consider adding lockable cabinetry for the alcohol or motion sensing     cameras that allow for remote monitoring when you aren’t home.
*If you have the room, incorporate some open space for seating and floor space for the kids to open presents and play away from the main bar area.
*If you are considering a full size bar, don’t underestimate how much room you need behind it, allow at least 3’ and if space permits 4’ or 5’ is best.
*Remember to measure common heights of alcohol bottles prior to designing the shelves they will be stored on.
*Incorporate a storage area for glasses and bar supplies like paper plates, cases of soda, etc.
*Allow space for a microwave or air fryer to easily heat up snacks.
*Place a TV or two in areas that allow viewing from either side of the bar.

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Home Bars Get a Bad Rap

When people hear “Home Bar”, all sorts of thoughts come to mind.  I think home bars get a bad rap because people have pre-determined thoughts of what a home bar is or “has to

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