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Home Bars Get a Bad Rap

When people hear “Home Bar”, all sorts of thoughts come to mind.  I think home bars get a bad rap because people have pre-determined thoughts of what a home bar is or “has to

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5 House Hunting Tips

1     1. Don’t try to see too many homes in one day, especially if you are not planning on taking notes or pictures.  I recommend no more than 7 in a day, and I recommend

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Brick and Fiber Cement Siding

Brick and Fiber Cement Siding:When thinking of options for new home construction please don’t underestimate the power of brick or Fiber Cement Siding.  Brick and Fiber Cement are both

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Why Online Values Suck and Why There will Never be a for Home Values.

You Z lovers out there are not going to like this blog topic because it will expose online home value sites for what they are…… useless for establishing a reliable home value. 

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