Brick and Fiber Cement Siding

Dated: December 20 2023

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Brick and Fiber Cement Siding

Classic Brick Home

When thinking of options for new home construction please don’t underestimate the power of brick or Fiber Cement Siding. Brick and Fiber Cement are both durable exterior siding products. They both offer low maintenance, non-combustible materials, fire, insect, and rot resistance, wind resistance, strength, durability, color options, and similar insulation properties.

Brick prevents moisture and mold better than any other material.  Brick is made from clay, an abundant natural product with a lifespan of about 100 years with little or no maintenance needed.  Brick is safer too, being non-combustible and sturdy in severe storms.

Fiber Cement offers similar fire resistance benefits, being considered neutral meaning (will not feed flames). As for cost, remember that brick increases the value of your home outperforming every other exterior material, it provides continual savings from no or low maintenance, and a lower cost to insure.

Brick and Fiber Cement Board provide middle of the road insulating properties better than stone and stucco but not as good as wood, vinyl, or insulated siding.  If you can handle the small increase in initial cost over other exterior materials, properly installed brick or Fiber Cement Siding will pay it back with huge long-term dividends. 

Fiber Cement Siding offers a more modern contemporary alternative to the classic brick.  It is a more uniform, cement-based board that can be easily cut into required lengths and angles. It's usually offered in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles that can be painted or stained.  It can last decades when installed properly and if damage occurs, it is easier to replace or repair than brick. 

Hardie Sided Home

Brick Cons:

* Susceptible to cracking and mortar problems
* Brick repair issues can be difficult and expensive
* Installation can be expensive
* Typically there are no warranties on brick

Fiber Cement Siding Cons:

* Material is more expensive than brick
* Not recommended for high humidity areas as
fiber cement retained less moisture than products like     stucco and manufactured stone, but performed worse than brick, vinyl siding, and insulated vinyl siding.
* Need qualified repair personnel if repairs are needed
Installers must also take special steps to protect their health when installing fiber cement.

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Brick and Fiber Cement Siding

Brick and Fiber Cement SidingWhen thinking of options for new home construction please don’t underestimate the power of brick or Fiber Cement Siding. Brick and Fiber Cement are both durable

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